At FlowFoundry, we specialise in turning AI aspirations into tangible success for both small businesses and large enterprises.

If you're a forward-thinking decision maker, poised at the brink of AI transformation, read on...

Do you seek to integrate AI solutions in-house but grapple with the complexities of choosing the right models and processes? If this resonates with you, you're precisely who we are looking for.

We understand that embarking on the AI journey can be daunting. That's why we have crafted our services to cater specifically to SMEs like yours - those ready to innovate but in need of tailored AI models, private hosting solutions, and expert guidance to navigate this new terrain.

Our clients typically exhibit these traits:

  • Forward thinking businesses with leadership teams who have one eye firmly fixed on the horizon.
  • Eagerness to adopt AI but require guidance and reliable infrastructure.
  • Desire for customised AI solutions that align with specific business needs and goals.

At FlowFoundry, we don't just offer services; we offer partnerships. We are committed to walking alongside you, providing the tailored models, private hosting, and robust infrastructure necessary for your unique AI journey. Whether you are at the early stages of exploring AI possibilities or ready to fully integrate AI into your operations, our team is here to ensure a seamless, secure, and successful transition.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together. With FlowFoundry, your AI aspirations are not just possibilities; they are realities waiting to unfold.




This is where the magic happens. AI is not all about ChatGPT and 10 new shortcuts to a million bucks, it all starts with boring old infrastructure. You need processing power and the ability to control it in bucket loads. We have our own AI infrastructure in our own facility, allowing us to provide you a guaranteed fixed cost, as an alternative to running 3rd party, expensive APIs in the Cloud.


No Code AI Our no-code AI development platform is designed to enable you to provision AI solutions for your customers in your preferred environment. With just a few clicks in FlowStudio, you can build your own AI-powered application and manage it entirely using the FlowStudio toolset. We are not reliant on any Cloud or third-party AI providers, allowing us to offer a fixed cost solution in FlowForge, within your own infrastructure, or on your chosen Cloud platform.


Our powerful vector database Our innovative Vector Database, built on top-tier open-source tools, powers your augmented searching. What does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing to worry about! The complexities of setting this up are completely hidden from you. All you need to know is that you, your enterprise, and your customers can interact with your data privately, using natural language, and that only authorised individuals have access to the appropriate data.


Connected Knowledge FlowSynapse facilitates the connections between various knowledge collections. This approach enriches the context of the knowledge accumulated within an organisation, enabling us to generate dynamic prompts and model organisational knowledge in a very natural manner.


Embrace the Flow, Cherish the Moments

Built using FlowStudio, our AI powered guided meditation app gives soothing sessions using custom made voices allowing each session to be customised to the user's wishes. Take a look at the Flowments website.


Navigating the Future with AI-Driven Geolocation

FlowTrak harnesses the power of geolocation and AI telematics, tailored for both mobile and IoT applications. Our advanced AI engine not only tracks user positions through mobile telematics but also personalises events and notifications for an enhanced experience. FlowTrak's versatile capabilities are ideal for a range of geolocation scenarios, from gaming and augmented reality to safety and well-being applications, ensuring a seamless and responsive interaction with the world around you.



Unleashing Potential with World-Class Data Integration

Discover FlowData, your gateway to over 100 commercial data sources from leading global data aggregators. Our platform is designed to tailor the optimal model for your specific application needs. We pride ourselves on our model-agnostic approach and offer a rich suite of pre-built ingestion tools, all securely hosted in the private FlowForge environment. FlowData is the key to unlocking bespoke, data-driven solutions.


Why we exist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are changing the competitive landscape rapidly and organisations must embrace and implement new technologies to remain competitive. However, developing a stack of AI/ML applications can be complex, and public cloud solutions can be both expensive due to complex pricing models, as well as raising both security and data privacy concerns.
Enter FlowForge, a complete private AI/ML stack of technology with supporting tools, demo applications and access to commercial data sources provided as a service. Deployable where you need it and at a fixed, predictable price.

The need for a complete stack

By offering a complete stack, we simplify and accelerate your implementation process. Flowfoundry's FlowForge exemplifies this approach. It provides a comprehensive platform as a stack, complete with or without the necessary infrastructure. Additionally, it includes optional application frameworks and access to commercially available datasets. FlowForge equips you with all the essential components for the successful deployment of an AI/ML application in an integrated stack. Furthermore, it offers additional value-added components as needed, all accessible through our no-code platform, FlowStudio.

A partnership for success

Your success is our top priority, which is why our team, with decades of combined AI and ML experience, is dedicated to helping you find the most suitable solution. We assist in designing the application and data model essential for your success. Since AI and ML applications must deliver tangible business value, FlowFoundry has collaborated with leading industry consultancies. This partnership ensures that you receive not only the technology and data you need but also the specific vertical market expertise necessary for your field. Our partners boast extensive experience in implementing AI and ML solutions in your industry.

The benefits


Low startup cost

The FlowFoundry tools offer a quick and cost-effective start to your AI journey. By providing comprehensive integrations, a full stack as a service, application frameworks, and even value-added data where needed, we ensure a faster launch with minimal risk compared to others.


Extensibility at a predicable cost

The FlowFoundry solution scales with your needs. As you grow and your applications become more demanding, FlowFoundry will provide the required hardware, software, data, and support to help you scale – all secure, at a predicable cost and without nasty surprises.


Value Added Components

The solution is highly extensible, allowing you to add in components as you need them. Value added components such as FlowTrak, FlowDBTM, or FlowSynapseTM, can help you scale your offering.


Personal and customised assistance when you need it

The FlowFoundry team is committed to assisting you, whether you need technical support, development assistance, outsourced development services, or business-level advice. Our trusted partners, who are well-versed in your industry, are also here to provide the guidance you require.

The Foundry Founders

Angus Gow

Angus Gow


Meet Angus, a tech tour-de-force! A highly experienced CTO/CIO with a proven track record in delivering complex software projects, optimising technology operations and leading global technology organisations. With experience that spans multiple industries, from FinTech to Insurance, and from Supply Chain to E-Commerce (Microsoft,, Menzies Aviation & Creditsafe). A strong background in turn-around and growth businesses, leveraging open source, cloud technologies, AI and data science. Broad experience in financial management, investment and company setup/structures, from startups to $300m+.

Andrew Rufener


Say hello to Andrew. He has a solid track record in global product management and operational leadership spanning over 30 years. CEO, COO and CTO for a range of global technology companies such as LexisNexis, Sanoma and Omniscien Technologies, covering industries from publishing to AI language translation with clients such as Amazon and Dun&Bradstreet. A trusted operator with an eye for product, business marketing and delivery with fluency in 5 languages.

Andrew Rufener
Rupert Howell

Rupert Howell


Introducing Rupert. With 20+ years of experience grafting at the coal face, developing groundbreaking and award-winning platforms for some household names, he's built up a unique blend of deep coding abilities, business knowledge and management skills. He's highly motivated and focused on execution and delivery. He believes the barriers to accessing technology should be a thing of the past and is on a mission to make life better for everybody.

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